7 Days Of Bliss: Luxury Sailing Retreat For Transformation And Wellness In The Sporades Islands

Functional Medicine | Clean eating | Natural movement | Circadian rhythm | Meditation | Mindset

September 30 – October 6, 2023

Experience a transformative luxury sailing retreat that empowers you to rediscover your physical and mental health priorities. Immerse yourself in functional medicine-based clean eating, workshops, organic movement, daily rhythm optimization, breathwork, nature immersion, meditation, and more in the breathtaking Sporades, Greece.

Discover the Beauty of Sporades, Greece

Explore the stunning island complex of Sporades, nestled in the Aegean Sea. With lush vegetation, abundant sunlight, crystal clear waters, and a rich Mediterranean culinary tradition, this untouched paradise offers the perfect backdrop for your rejuvenating journey.

Luxury Sailing Experience

Step aboard the Lara, a 2020 Sun Odyssey 490 by Jeanneau, Europe’s oldest and most respected sailing boat shipyard. Sail in style and luxury, surrounded by the wonders of nature, on this top-of-the-line monohull sailing boat. Bask in comfort and sumptuousness as you navigate the beautiful Greek islands.

Reset and Rejuvenate

Join us for a serene and abundant sailing retreat that combines island hopping, transformative workshops, yoga, clean eating, and natural movement in harmony with nature. Allow yourself to reset, rejuvenate, and experience pure bliss in a supportive and like-minded community.

What to expect

  • Clean Eating Workshops and Nourishing Food: Learn how to approach, prepare, and enjoy food that nourishes your body and soul. Join Panagiotis and Marietta for clean eating workshops and savoring gourmet, organic, farm-to-table Mediterranean-inspired meals from local farms.
  • Healthy Habits Formation and Success Mindset: Gain valuable tools to tap into your superpowers and cultivate a success mindset related to your health and wellness journey. Marietta and Panagiotis will guide you through workshops on healthy habits formation and inner motivation.
  • Daily Functional Movement and Nature Immersion: Reconnect with your innate abilities through daily sessions of functional movement, including yoga, taichi, dance, and natural movement suitable for all levels. Explore untouched areas of natural beauty, indulge in sun and sea immersion therapy, and experience grounding therapy through barefoot walking.
  • Digital Detox and Circadian Rhythm Retraining: Learn techniques for digital detoxification and retraining your circadian rhythm to find balance and embrace the healing power of nature’s rhythms.
  • Transformational Experiences and Free Time: Participate in a beach ceremony to release what no longer serves you. Enjoy free time to explore picturesque villages and traditional markets. Adventure seekers can enjoy stand-up paddling (SUP) and snorkeling upon request.

We are here to facilitate a transformational experience that detoxifies you from technology and nurtures your mind, body, and soul. Connect with nature’s rhythms and celebrate your unique and precious self—a manifestation of pure perfection.

Let us plant the seeds of change that will flourish and endure. Together, we can co-create the momentum needed for you to embrace a supported and free way of living.

Get To Know Your Hosts

Marietta Tigka, MEd, CD

Marietta is a dedicated educational facilitator with 25 years of experience supporting individuals and families in their learning journey. She is also a health-conscious farmer, forager, and cook, with over 30 years of experience in providing nourishment and knowledge. Marietta is a natural mover, meditator, yoga practitioner, instructor, and doula passionate about reproductive health choices.

Her journey from a challenging childhood and debilitating health to thriving taught her the power of innate wisdom, holistic health practices, and resilience.

Panagiotis Tsintavis, MSc, RD, CFNC, INHC

Panagiotis is a Registered Dietitian and Functional Medicine Practitioner. With a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, he specializes in helping individuals achieve optimal health and vitality. Panagiotis became interested in health and nutrition in 2012, experiencing significant improvements in mood, energy levels, and gut health through dietary changes.

He incorporates mindfulness, biochemistry, systems biology, and epigenetics into his practice, recognizing that we all have unique needs and that one person’s food can be another’s poison.

Your sailboat and home for 7 days

The Sun Odyssey 490: a new vision of Life on board

Experience the spacious and contemporary Sun Odyssey 490, the flagship sailboat of the Sun Odyssey line. Enjoy deluxe double occupancy cabins, an open concept interior, and a well-equipped galley for a memorable journey.


Early bird price: 3300 Euros per person (Full price: 4500 Euros per person)

What’s included:

  • 7 days and 6 nights on board, all-inclusive
    • Services of a skipper on board
    • Fuel
    • End cleaning
    • Damage waiver
    • Taxes and marinas fees
  • Deluxe double occupancy cabin (1 x King bed)
    • Book as a couple or with a friend.
      Sharing a cabin means you are sharing a bed. If you are not coming as a couple, please book a cabin with someone you feel comfortable and safe with or for yourself only (cost 6500 euros for the cabin).
    • Bed linen and towels are included
    • Set of biodegradable environmentally friendly toiletry
  • 1x hour private session with Marietta (extra sessions can be arranged at a discounted rate)
  • 1x hour private session with Panagiotis (extra sessions can be arranged at a discounted rate)
  • All meals made with local, organic sourced ingredients
  • Daily workshops, natural movement and meditation sessions
  • Island exploration, snorkeling & SUP adventures
  • Traditional Greek tavern night

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Transports from / to airport

Join us for an unforgettable sailing retreat where you’ll experience personal growth, nourishment, and serenity amidst the natural beauty of the Sporades islands. Book your spot today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being.

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