About me

My Story

My interest in health and nutrition arose in 2012 when, especially for personal reasons, I began to study several related books and applied different beneficial practices. Just by changing my diet, I felt an immense and immediate improvement in my mood, energy levels and gut health, which were not in their best shape back then, in a way that no medication had ever done before. This triggered my interest to share what I had learned with other people and evolved in graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and working as an Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor. In my objective to better address my clients’ needs, I became a Registered Dietitian, completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and have dedicated my research on the effects of nutrition and lifestyle to our health.

Being interested in mindfulness, Buddhist psychology, tai chi, biochemistry, systems biology and epigenetics, I always knew that we all have different needs, that we are not our labels or our diagnoses and that “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. Studying Functional Medicine set a systems-based approach, which I intuitively had in me, in the most practical and clinically relevant way in my every day practice and life.


Your health is the continuous expression of your DNA according to your internal biochemical environment and your life’s physical and psychosocial triggers.
We cannot change your DNA but we can change its expression, step by step, together.