Functional Medicine Testing

Functional Medicine lab testing aims to prevent disease before it happens by assessing patterns of imbalance that without intervention will end up yielding chronic disease.

It keeps a detailed record of how individual body systems work and can help identify any specific physiological imbalances so that you can get to the root of a health problem faster. It can detect nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, allowing a more targeted and personalized protocol to be developed rather than a more general approach that may take longer to produce results.

The interpretation and analysis of your Functional Medicine testing could be part of any of your Follow-up sessions with me and it is not provided as a standalone service.

The following tests are conducted in collaboration with Athens Diagnostic Lab and Genova Diagnostics, two of the most reliable and innovative laboratories.
The following tests are used to collect information and not to diagnose or to cure any situation.

Functional Medicine Testing I commonly use: